My Power Meal

“My wife Andrea was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer three and a half years ago. I did some research about the best way to combat cancer. My research revealed that the best thing you could do was to strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body. I created a smoothie with over 20 ingredients which is now My Power Meal.”
- Michael Peden
“I haven’t had any side effects from cancer meds and have great energy.”
- Andrea Peden
“Very refreshing for a cold breakfast on a warm morning. I have found more energy after eating the power meals for three days and I noticed my muscles weren’t as stiff early in the day.”
- Genny M. of Underhill, Vermont
My Power Meal is made with organic whole foods and farm fresh organic fruits and vegetables, homegrown wheatgrass, nuts and carefully researched supplements. Click here to see some of the incredibly nutritious ingredients.
To order: Contact Michael (802-343-7866) or Andrea (802-343-6877) Peden or drop us an e-mail at: